At Bresnahan's, we are well known for the quality approach we take to create our sausages.
For over 30 years we have been serving up the local community a selection of quality sausages, from the humble thick tasty sausage, to some of our more recent additions like the multi award winning chicken, cheese and chive sausages or perhaps a pork, fennel and caramelised onion.
It all starts with the raw ingredients, carefully selected for quality and freshness that are then treated with the upmost care and piece by piece transformed into some of the most flavoursome combinations imaginable. 
Gone are the days of the “mysterybag” -  the only rubbish that comes close to our snags, is the bag they come in!

Thick & Thin Breakfast

The local heroes, from mid-week bangers n mash to the local Sunday footy bbq, these guys have developed a reputation as anything but ordinary

Thick & Thin Pork

An old English style recipe, made with our quality pork. Mild and delicate flavour and a smooth texture, it’s no wonder these are so popular

Pork & Fennel

Succulent pork, fennel and caramelised onions- a classic marriage of flavours

Pork & Mustard

A blend of succulent pork with whole grains mustard and sweet herbs, a visual and taste sensation


A classic German style bratwurst – coarsely minced blend of  beef and pork with traditional flavours


Lean lamb shoulder meat with the addition of spicy merguez flavours – straight out of morocco

Lamb & Mint

Extra lean lamb shoulder meat with hints of honey, mint and rosemary. A classic combination

Chilli Hot Shots

A lean beef sausage, combined with loads of fresh, hot birds eye chilli. Not for the faint at heart

Sundried Tomato & Basil

Lean beef, tangy sundried tomatoes and a hint of basil

Herb & Garlic

Lean beef, with subtle garlic and mixed herb flavours. It’s no wonder they have a string of awards!


It’s like a meaty steak and vegetables in a sausage,  a real crowd pleaser


A classic beef sausage – extra lean, rich beef brisket, these beef sausages are anything but ordinary

South African

Lean beef,  blended with a traditional mixture of south African borewoers herbs and spices – available in traditional style or sausages


REAL chicken meat, coarsely minced ‘bratwurst’ style – the base of our chicken range

Chicken, Cheese & Chives

The same as our chicken sausage with the addition of flavoursome provolone cheese, and fresh chives, these flavour packed sausages are a hit with adults and kids alike

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Our award winning chicken sausages combined with a mild, sweet thai chilli flavour, this is a trip to Thailand in a sausage

Turkey & Pesto

Real turkey meat, coarsely minced and mixed with a garlic pesto hit. A uniquely delicious flavour combination