At Bresnahan’s, we pride ourselves in going ‘the extra mile’ to develop specialty products that help to enhance the lives of people with different dietary requirements.

Working closely with Meniere’s Australia, we have developed a low-salt alternative range of products which has been certified by EML Pty Ltd (Food Chemistry). This product range includes:

  • both thick and thin sausages
  • a meat patty for those who love burgers
  • Low Salt and Low Sugar Pasta Sauce
  • Low Salt Red Chilli Onion Relish
  • Low Salt Cheese

We also have a range of gluten free products that take the worry out of your daily menu planning.

Bresnahan’s will continue to develop a product range that meets people’s dietary requirements while still aiming to be delicious and healthy.

Please feel free to contact us for any information on these products or how we may be able to support your dietary needs.

Meniere’s Range