We understand the difficulty in always trying to think of new but healthy meal ideas for your family. Have a look at some of these ideas:

Chiverton Pork Fillets
Marinated in fresh sage, cracked pepper, olive oil and oregano, delicately wrapped in locally sourced pancetta.

Lamb Noisettes
Boneless Cowra lamb filled with mint & breadcrumb stuffing & provolone cheese.

Greek Rump Roast
A fresh Cowra Lamb Rump boned and tied, marinated in exotic Greek style flavours.

Seasoned & Unseasoned Lamb Loin Roast
Fresh whole Cowra Lamb Loin boned and tied with fresh Mint and Rosemary.

Gourmet Range

  • Chiverton Pork Fillets
    $6.95 each
    220g approx each
  • Lamb Noisettes
    $8.75 each
    250g approx each
  • Seasoned Lamb Loin Roast
    $29.50 each
    750g approx each