Quality meat from your local butcher

How to store products at home

Meat should be immediately refrigerated or frozen after it’s purchased. If you plan to divide it up and freeze portions, try to do so as soon as you can. If you store meat in freezer bags, try to remove as much air from the bag as possible. But of course we think it’s better for you to come into our butcher at Mortdale to buy your meat fresh, the day you plan to cook it!

Special dietary alternatives

At Bresnahan’s, we pride ourselves in going ‘the extra mile’ to develop specialty products that help to enhance the lives of people with different dietary requirements. We have recently developed a low-salt alternative for Menieres Australia which has been certified by EML Pty Ltd (Food Chemistry). We are currently retailing this product in both a thick and a thin sausage, plus a meat patty for those who love their burgers. We also have a range of gluten free products that take the worry out of your daily menu planning.

Peter (middle) with Chris Cummins (left) and Matt Pollard (right) from our biggest supplier Breakout River Meats

Our Suppliers

Watervale Beef – breakoutriver.com.au
Cowra Lamb – breakoutriver.com.au
Chiverton Pork – breakoutriver.com.au
Clonakilty Black Puddings – clonakiltyblackpudding.ie

Pyengana Dairy – pyenganadairy.com.au

Cured Meat
BB Products – bbproducts.com.au

Luvaduck – luvaduck.com.au

Sauces, Oils and Condiments
Beerenburg Family Farm – beerenberg.com.au
Brook Farm – brookfarm.com.au