Your family-owned and local butcher since 1960

At Bresnahan’s we aim to provide premium quality meats at the best prices, whilst delivering excellence in friendly customer service.

SERVICE – Unlike the larger chain stores and supermarkets, we get to know our customers. We support our customers because without customers we don’t have a business.

REPUTATION – We have survived since 1960 because we care about our customers, the quality of our products and the service from our exceptional team.

QUALITY – Our suppliers are the biggest meat suppliers in NSW and we are their biggest customer. We use this to ensure we get the best quality meat from our customers – every day, every time.

IDEAS – If you are ever stuck and want meal ideas – we are full of great ideas and meal suggestions. Our job is to make your meals healthier and easier.

Bresnahan’s are open 7 days a week to ensure we are always there to help you.

Everyone is welcome at Bresnahan’s.


Menieres Range


Sausages, Rissoles, Mince & Bones