The Bresnahan family

We're more than just meat lovers. With every cut, we're not only crafting meals but also nurturing connections, a tradition we've upheld since 1960. Whether it's a sizzling BBQ or a cozy family dinner, our aim is to make your moments beautifully memorable. We pride ourselves in offering you the finest Australian meat, ensuring exceptional quality from farm to plate.



Meet Nicky, the down-to-earth owner of our butcher shop, bringing a ray of sunshine to every cloudy day. With his approachable nature and a strong commitment to helping others, he's the guiding light towards empathy and camaraderie. Always focused on bringing you the juiciest cuts, unforgettable experiences, and solid advice, Nicky is here to make your meat choices top-notch.


Trevor(The Don)

Meet Trevor, our exceptional butchery manager. He ensures prime cuts on your plate while fostering team growth. With a composed demeanour, Trevor steadies the store's pace, creating memorable visits through customer happiness. As your advice hub, his warm smile and knowledge craft a community where quality and camaraderie unite for an exceptional experience.



Meet Matt, our standout co-manager at the butchery. A true meat virtuoso, he's all about getting the best on your plate. He's hands-on and dedicated, pushing for growth even in the store's busy vibe. In the midst of it all, his cool and collected attitude shines. Matt's on a mission for customer happiness, turning visits into memories you'll hold onto. Got questions or just want a chat? His friendly smile and know-how are ready to roll.

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  • Pat

  • Addison

  • Rob

  • Peter

  • Renee

  • Steve

  • Fin

  • Gabriel

  • Sam

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Join us on an exciting journey as we expand our team. We're currently seeking passionate individuals for apprenticeships, providing a golden opportunity to learn the craft of butchery from our seasoned experts, who have honed their skills over decades.