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Australia Day Delight

Australia Day Delight

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Ignite Your Aussie Spirit! Celebrate the true essence of Australia Day with our specially curated Lamb Feast. Unveil the bold flavours of Down Under with a succulent Boneless Rolled Lamb Loin Roast, tender Lamb Cutlets, and aromatic Lamb Mint and Rosemary Sausages. Elevate your celebration and embrace the spirit of mateship with this limited-edition pack designed for an authentic Aussie feast. Order now and make your Australia Day BBQ a sizzling success!

2 People pack includes:             
1 x Rolled lamb loin
4 x Lamb cutlets
2 x Lamb & mint Sausages     

5 People pack Includes:                    
2 x Rolled lamb loins
8 x Lamb cutlets
5 x Lamb & mint Sausages     

10 People pack includes: 
3 x Rolled lamb loins
10 x Lamb cutlets
10 x Lamb & mint Sausages     

Whether it's 2, 5, or 10 in your party (or more), we have the right-sized pack for you.

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