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BBQ Bounty

BBQ Bounty

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Embark on a culinary journey with our BBQ Bounty Pack, boasting a delectable mix of mouthwatering South African boerewors sausages and premium Australian Angus sirloin steak. This pack is a celebration of sizzling delights, offering a taste experience that brings the best of two worlds to your Aussie barbecue. Indulge in the rich, spice-infused South African sausages, perfectly complemented by the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the Australian Angus sirloin steak. Whether you're firing up the barbie for a laid-back weekend or a grand gathering, the BBQ Bounty Pack ensures your grill is adorned with top-quality meats, turning your outdoor feast into a carnivore's paradise. 

2 People pack includes:             
2 x Premium Angus sirloin steaks 
1 x Traditional Boerewors sausage coil  
1 x Slow pre-cooked BBQ pork rib (gf)     

5 People pack Includes:                    
5 x Premium Angus sirloin steaks 
1 x Traditional Boerewors sausage coil 
2 x Slow pre-cooked BBQ pork ribs (gf)     

10 People pack includes: 
10 x Premium Angus sirloin steaks
1 x Traditional Boerewors sausage coil  
5 x Slow pre-cooked BBQ pork ribs (gf)

Whether it's 2, 5, or 10 in your party (or more), we have the right-sized pack for you. 
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