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Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise

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Indulge in the ultimate breakfast experience with our scrumptious Breakfast Pack. This carefully curated assortment features farm-fresh eggs, perfectly cut bacon, and premium tasty sausages, creating a symphony of flavours to kickstart your day. Sourced from the finest local farms and expertly crafted, our pack is a delicious blend of quality and convenience. Elevate your breakfast routine and treat yourself to a gourmet morning with the unbeatable combination of freshness and flavour.  

2 People pack includes:             
4 x Eggs                          
2 x Breakfast sausages           
2 x Strips of bacon   

5 People pack Includes:                    
10 x Eggs                           
5 x Breakfast sausages
5 x Strips of bacon

10 People pack includes: 
20 x Eggs                           
10 x Breakfast sausages
10 x Strips of bacon

Whether it's 2, 5, or 10 in your party (or more), we have the right-sized pack for you.

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