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Meat Medley

Meat Medley

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A grill-ready ensemble featuring succulent chicken breast fillets, savoury thin beef sausages, and premium mince. Perfect for backyard barbies or camping cookouts, this pack ensures your grill is stocked with a variety of high-quality meats. From tender chicken to flavourful sausages and versatile mince, elevate your outdoor feasts and treat your taste buds to a symphony of savoury delights with our Meat Medley Pack. Fire up the barbie and savour the essence of a true grill master's delight! 

2 People pack includes:             
1 x 250g Premium beef mince
1 x Chicken breast fillet
4 x Breakfast sausages (gf)     

5 People pack Includes:                    
1 x 750g Premium beef mince
2 x Chicken breast fillets
10 x Breakfast sausages (gf)

10 People pack includes: 
1 x 1.5 kg Premium beef mince 
4 x Chicken breast fillets 
20 x Breakfast sausages (gf)

Whether it's 2, 5, or 10 in your party (or more), we have the right-sized pack for you.

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